Monday, 5 November 2012

Easy Way To Make Pak Tong Koh

Today i try making my favourite kuih which is chinese honeycomb cake or mostly known as Pak Tong Koh. This kuih usually takes up a lot of time making it, but i found a recipe from which takes half the time usually needed, i tried the recipe and it turn out OK, though not as good as the one that need more than 6hrs but it still has the taste and texture like those Pak Tong Koh that are sold outside just not that good.

 For this kuih the ingredients are separated into 3 parts so it would be easier to prepare.


        Part (A) 
       1 tspn yeast 
       2tbsp warm water 
       Part (B)
       300ml water
      260gm brown sugar (if using white sugar cut the
      amount down to 230g )
      2 pandan leaves (optional)
      Part (C)
      280gm rice flour
      1/2 tspn salt
      1/2 tbsp corn oil/olive oil
      300ml water

 So for the ingredients in part (A) you mix them in a small saucer, cover it and leave it aside for arnd 10 minutes.

Next combine all the ingredients in (B) and boil them over low heat until the sugar is melt. For the ingredients in part (C) mix them well in a big bowl. Stir them well until it is smooth.

After all (A), (B),(C) is mixed. Pour them all into a big bowl. There leave the mixture to poof for 1-2 hours. (if you like you can cover the mixture with a plastic wrap)

After waiting for an hour or so coat a tray with cooking oil and preheat it with the steamer. Preheat them for around 10 minutes will do. Then pour the mixture into the tray. Then steam it for 25-30 minutes. After steaming leave it aside to cool. When cutting the kuih remember to coat your knife with a layer of oil so that the kuih won't stick to it.

This is the result of my Pak Tong Koh (i know the honeycombs aren't that nice) . The recipe i found actually uses 280g of brown sugar i used 250g of white sugar but it is still a bit too sweet so for the recipe i cut it down to 250g which i think would be sweet enough. The kuih might turn out a little bit stickier than what you get outside but for the least time spent this is considered quite good. My mom tried another recipe before that one really taste like the ones sold outside but it takes up to 10 hours making it which lazy me don't like haha XD.

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